Blank AACA Clean Up Chinatown Survey Please fill this out and e-mail it to AACA

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Where do you live:

Why are you in Chinatown Today

1. On a scale of 1-10 how dirty is Chinatown?

0 Not Dirty  10 Very dirty
Why is Chinatown Dirty?
Streets Smell __
Cigarette Butts__
Sidewalks are sticky from Garbage__
Coffee cups___
Garbage debris__
Using Supermarket bags as trash bags__
Trash bags ripped open by rats/seagulls__
Other reasons: ______________________

3. Why/What is involved in the problems?

Small Businesses__
Chinatown Mah Jong Parlors__
Outside of Chinatown Restaurants__
Lack of Enforcement__
Other People:

4. How should we tackle the problems? ( Be Specific)
__More Street Barrels
__Cigarette Butt receptacle
__Street Camera to identify the illegal dumpers
__More fines for people who put garbage everywhere, especially next to street barrels and for people who spit urinate and litter.

__City government needs to sweep street once a week.

__City government needs to hire more street sweepers

__City government needs to educate people i.e. signs


Thanks for filling this survey out. If there is a better way to do this than cutting a pasting this and then e-mailing the Asian American Civic Association

let me know.

There is a poll feature to the blog but it looks like it is really just for one question.