Cold Tea and the 5678's (Japanese Girl Band)

The following  story is from the college years of Vinh. or Vinny, A DJ and a friend of mine. I have adapted the conversation for the purposes of flow.

We were talking about Chinatown and the subject of Cold Tea came up.

"Haha I only ever used Cold Tea to impress people. I was in College and I was setting up an event at Tua Nua, which is closed down now. I had three groups coming in. One was these Japanese band who all did 50's stuff. They e-mailed me, 'we come in morning' so I get to the airport and there's this crowd and I was like 'What's going on?' and there they were in suits and dark sunglasses and pompadours."

A pompa -what?

"You know like Elvis."


"Yeah so these people were whispering to each other and were like, 'I think they're Rock stars or something.' And they were really good. I guess when you are a musician in Japan you are really good because that's your thing, your life. It's not like here where some people are a lawyer and then on the weekends they have a band. No, it's just real serious."

"So that was the first band and then I got the's They were this Japanese girl band. They're actually in Kill Bill. They were really good. They would bow after each performance. And I asked them why they were called the 5678's and I guess they were big Beatles fans. You know how they start their songs 5, 6, 7, 8."

"So then I had these other two groups that do these big wrestling fights wearing giant Godzilla outfits. Kaiju Big Battle was there name. Kaiju Big Battel But I wanted to have a big event you know cause I was in college and I needed to make more money. So I knew that they had this group in RISD I think they were called RISD Intergalactic Monster Troop,that was kind of their rivals. So I got them on the phone and they were like 'I don't know it's kind of far.' So I thought for a second and then I say, 'Well you know Kaiju Roar their talking smack. They say you know you're just copying their moves-'

so they were like

'What! What time did you say it was again?"

"So had them do a match with each other."

Wait wouldn't that get dangerous?

"No they have those big suits on so it's not really like they could hurt each other. But when i paid they did say that they sort of lost money because they wrecked their costumes. Like one guy made his one costume out of 100 teddy bears."

Oh my god this sounds harder than lion dance. Do they break their costume every time?

"No not when their fighting their own people. It was because they were rivals."

Oh so they didn't get hurt but their costumes got hurt.

"Yeah. But it was a good event! And then so afterward the girls from 5678's were like, 'Oh is there any place we can go to get drinks or is everything closed?' so I was like, 'Actually there is a place.' So I took them to Chinatown and ordered Cold Tea, you know where they put the beer inside the tea pot after hours. So it was like I was the cool guy that had the inside deal. I was just trying to impress them. But I had a girlfriend so I didn't want them staying at my apartment so I called up my friend, who's also in a badn and so were his roomates and was like, 'Hey do you think this Japanese Girl Band can crash at you place?'
and he was like, "Yeaaahh!" and then so the other roommates didn't know about it and they come into the living room and their like whispering 'Dude there's a bunch of hot Japanese girls with guitars in the living room.' It was pretty funny. Anyway that's my story about Cold Tea in Chinatown."