Some Chinatown pics

This is overlooking that "back alley" I dare not venture to sweep for fear of herion needles galore. But if you look ate it, it looks beautiful, and it's only going to get cleaner as One Green way is finished and that park becomes a place where people regularly walk, maybe even at night and maybe even patrolled by private security guards. 

Here is some roofing going on across from BCEC, Boston Chinese Evangelical Church. 

And their little garden has come along nicely. When I did Crime Watch this corner always had a prostitute on it. One was there for so long, and in the broad day light no less, I asked if she might consider moving one block over just for appearances. I asked the other Crime Watch guys if this corner always had that type of businesses, even so early in the day. The consensus was....  Let us just say that the attractive prostitutes tend to be picked up quite quickly. I wonder if this corner is still like that later in the day? In any case the garden looks nice.

These pics are not from Chinatown. But Shao is enjoying the Baos from Pot Luck Cafe which I brought back into JP.

I didn't get a chance to eat any. The kids ate all but two. Those two were saved for Mommy, who was the one who had requested them in the first place. High marks all around I would say.