Community Spaces

Fred (not real name) had talked about a great spot where old people use to get a free bowl of rice and some salty fish or whatever and sit and socialize and watch Chinese soaps. He talked about how great it was.. but that somebody has to pay for it.

Now there are probably still some places like that in Chinatown. I may just not know of them as being the central place. Our Kung Fu school is a lot like that actually. And members of our team have joined because being knew to the States, they were dropping off their grand kids at the Phillips Brooks House after school across the hall and walked into our school. Seeing a group of Old Chinese men, they asked if they could sit down and talk with us too. And then later on, when we had lion dances we called him up too, and he has come to be an integral member of our team. There were other older people that pretty much did the same thing but came in more to learn Kung Fu. Later they lost interest and decided to stick with Ping Pong or whatever. For sure, the CCBA is a place of gathering for many Chinese for various activities. Not all of them are free, but a great deal are inexpensive.

The Chinatown park is a space that is free and it is great. But there isn't free rice and in the winter it is damn cold. Do people still hang out there? I guess they do, but there should be a place indoors too.

There probably is. Just like there is a Library in Chinatown, that nobody knows about. It's in the CCBA.

A lot of services are provided in Chinatown, but people don't necessarily know about it. So when I say something like, "If I were neighborhood council guy I would bring ______" fill in the blank. That would be bullshit because actually there is a lot of places already. What we need to work on is constantly letting people know about it.

I guess I can do that without being elected anything. So I'm really running for that Neighborhood council seat.... for what? I'll tell you. It would be an IN for people outside of Chinatown.

"High Boston Latin, I'm Neighborhood Council Member Cheung. Can I give a lecture to some students?" I mean I guess I can do that as Blogger guy too... but I'm going to try the whole Neighborhood council thing. If nothing else it will be material to Blog about. But if I lose, I can still blog about that and blog about who one. In a way... I can't lose.

But one of the campaign points should be these Community Spaces. I'm sure One Greenway has one, I'm sure their around, but i get a sense of nostalgia for older ones that aren't here. Maybe I am just uninformed. But a lot of people, who are in the fabric of Chinatown, are also uniformed. So that's what this blog is about.

Here is a an except from a post about the Mary Soo Hoo Park in the Summer. The Man at the Gate... and some other stuff that happened in Chinatown too.

So I'm running for Neighborhood council, not because the people on the council are doing a bad job. I'm sure they are doing their best. Could I do better? Well the main difference is I'm going to Blog about what I do so everyone will know what I am doing and what I will be pushing for. I mean this is the type of stuff we should be pushing for. Are we? Does it make sense too on that council? Maybe it doesn't even come up. But if that is the case, why doesn't it come up. I'm running to learn more about it. And then I'll tell you about it. And if I win, the next election, I'l try to pull someone else in for my position and I'll blog about them. Because I feel that's how these council things are supposed to work. Is that how it works? I don't know. I bet very few people really even know about this council at all.

But anyway. That's another thing I am pushing for. These community spaces where old people can get together and drink tea and eat rice. In the winter it's gotta be indoors. The gambling houses provide a lot of this (That's not a good thing really.) And I'm sure there are other places I don't know about. But I should know about it, easily. I shouldn't have to find out. Because how is someone who just got to Chinatown going to find out? We, who know stuff, should be reaching out to people to let them know about Libraries and Yuan Chi Dace groups etc. Selling it to them. Selling whatever work the Neighborhood council is doing. That's part of what this blog is for.  And it's part of why I am asking people to write me in on Sunday for the Chinatown Neighborhood Council.