First Night First Day GBCCA

I have never fully done the first night thing. When I was a kid I vaguely remember ice sculptures while skating at the Public Garden. A couple years ago we did the First Night Parade for the Kung Fu Federation.... but when you're in it you don't get to see much of what other people are doing. And this year I brought Noah down to watch the ice sculptures actually being made. We ended up seeing some sort of parade and Chinese drummers. A Calliope and dancers. And then at the Library we did arts and crafts provided by the GBCCA. Noah wrote Spring (chun) and Luck (fuk... yeah some parents looked at me funny.) And made a little lamb left over from last year I guess (or that the old year) and you could make a monkey too but they ran out.

I love GBCCA. They do a Dragon and drumming and all sorts of stuff.

 They are awesome and First Night is awesome. This year you don't even have to pay for a button.... and people thought that the new Mayor wouldn't be able to provide. The truth is the Corporations stepped it up.
And now it seems like it's better than ever. But still I will not be going back there tonight why? Well I have an opportunity to hang out with some friends and we will be elsewhere. Not sure why but it seems to be the same story every year.

Tomorrow I hope to head back to Copley Square with the family though.

Tonight is a big night for Chinese restaurants too as that is an American Tradition.. to order Chinese food. Anyone doing that? This is a tradition I did not really fully understand until.. well a few years ago. I even worked that New Year's eve extra helper bit without fully understanding it in high school. ( I suppose that's a story worth telling.

Chinatown I'm sure will be open for business, maybe will head in, and if you are by Boston Common and get a chance, there is a display at 2 Boylston, the China Trade Center, about Boston Chinatown's History (more on that to come.)

I was thinking, the Christmas Holiday has become Huge in China, with hotels paying big bucks for real white guys with real Santa beards. And American New Year (and for Jews Christmas) has ties to Chinese food, plus there is an obvious lead in to Chinese New Year. I mean Chinese arts and crafts and Lions And Dragons are just easy for American New Year... and then it's not like you feel the holiday season is over if you have something to look forward too, Chinese New Year. So all these holidays just go well together.

I mean what kind of craft to you do for American New Year? It's too hard and the Chinese are already doing stuff. Just go with it. THat GBCCA thing was just genius.

Anyway, Happy New Year.. and it's true that little arts and craft thing at the library has me realizing that Lion Dance time is right around the corner.