Cesspools, playrgounds, and Minding your own business

At the last AACA clean up Chinatown meeting one of the big discussions was about the Oxford Place Parking lot and how basically i's a cesspool. It's privately owned, which sort of makes it harder to do anything about. It's part of a little shortcut to well known to thieves, muggers, guwak jai's, dealers and people who tell stories about them.
The asphalt often breaks up, people dump there, and so you get these piles of trash and puddles of grossness breeding rats, mosquitoes and an ecosystem of nastiness.
(Community Garden? Or would there not be enough sunshine or just make it easy for grossness o grow.)

"I'm sorry to tell you," piped up Amy Guan, (Auntie Amy Matriarch of Chinatown) "But when I was a young child, the whole thing was paved with cobblestones. And since nobody could really access it we played there quite safely."

I don't know I just found this little tidbit fascinating. Basically, if the cobblestones had just been left there, the thing would have been fine. There would be children playing safely in it right now.

It was said that it probably won't become a top priority to repave the thing until there is a huge snowstorm and a snow plow goes in there and the blade gets ripped off the truck because the asphalt isn't in good condition. Then all of a sudden focus will be drawn to it.

We talked about drawing more attention to Tai Tung Park. And I said some stuff about that because I do teh sweeping thing and it concerns me.

And then the meeting went on for 10 minutes about one particular guy who owns a particular building and how to get in touch with him about barrels etc.

I stayed the hell out of that one. First of all because I didn't have any contact info to add or anything. But also because I do know the guy and consider him a friend, but I only ever see him in Chinatown so I don't have a contact for him. I sort of felt like some sort of spy or narc because the conversation went for so long. But it's true, there's nothing I could add so why jump in the middle of it all?

I bet people say I'm already in the middle of it with my street sweeping and all that. I don't mean people who read this blog. I mean people who read the title and just write it off and say, "Who are you to be doing all this?"   You think that do-gooders are liked?
Man people hate do-gooders.

That's why the saying is, "No good deed goes unpunished."

If I were selling drugs in Chinatown and blogging about that I'm telling you from a certain crowd that would be respected. And the people who would caution me against such a lifestyle would actually only really caution me about getting caught.

It's getting caught that is the sin.

That and sweeping the street for free.

 That's like the worst offense ever as a young white man.  Who are you the great white hope? I know it, people hate me for it (except the old ladies). Man I think I don't want to sweep alone again cause when I'm with the Senior Citizen Tai Tung crew it's like, "Oh maybe he's just helping out." But the notion that I would initiate such a thing  really rubs a lot of people the wrong way. I can tell, because I can read their faces, because a lot of them are friends.

With that  said, for the most par I DO mind my own business (sort of) and try to justify  why I sweep the street. (The ties to that street because Moh Goon is there etc.) And I justify that I only put in a certain amount of time and that I am in control of my vile do-gooderness.

Basically, I don't think that tomorrow, with the weather like this, that I will be sweeping.