Interview with "White Devil" author

So we may be getting an interview with Bob Halloran, author of White Devil for this blog.

What would people like to ask him?

I know also that there are people who read this blog who actually know John Willis.

Not sure why but it didn't occur to me to interview anyone directly about him. Probably because it would get awkward when stuff came up that you couldn't talk about. That being said, if you have anything to chip in, and can be put in anonymously in the Bob Halloran interview, or we could even ask him what he thinks about it etc.

I've also been told I can get my hands on a promotional copy of the book, which will be awesome as well.

Well let me know, (however you choose) if you have any comments or questions. I don't know when this interview is going to take place but I want people to have a heads up about it.