Quincy Lunar New Year Market and Food Fest at North Quincy Highschool

I went to this... and put Shao to work selling my book.
Go and do your drumming.

If you sell enough books I'll buy you one of those Nepalese singing bowls you keep looking at.

Thanks to Grace Lee  of Hubstar Realty and Investment for letting me use the table.
Go check them out if you want to buy or sell a house. Just click on the link.

Kung Fu and Love, get it from the lion head. It's good luck.
Okay so it occurred to me that people won;t buy books on New Year because "shu" sounds like to lose. But whatever. I saw Rhode Island Kung Fu club do their thing, as well as Gund Kwok. But we were so far away, I couldn't get into it. Plus I just can't be tripping over people just to get a glimpse of a lion head. I can see helping another team out, but I'm not going to arch my neck to look at something that well... I do very often. Right?

Mostly this was good experience and warm up for Noah in preparation for Next week.... and then the week after that. I found out that Noah actually plays drum pretty well. Saw a lot of people I knew. That was fun.