Chinese New Year "Opening"

Today is the third day of Chinese New Year and it is the day of "Opening" also known as 开年。It is not as big a deal as the Chinese New Year Eve family reunion dinner but it is still a special day. It is a great day of food!!! So, today's topic is going to be food in Boston's Chinatown. I will tell you about what I think of when I hear about that word in relation to our Chinatown. I think of Chinese style, dim sum, bubble tea, Vietnamese sandwiches, skewers, supermarkets, food trucks, and of course restaurants!

Let's go through that list then! 1. DIM SUM: My favorite is Windsor Dim Sum Cafe because they have the best in my opinion. Especially the 排骨粉!2. BUBBLE TEA: Also know as a favorite past time of all ABCs in the Boston area... But I love TeaDo, coincidentally next to Windsor. 3. VIETNAMESE SANDWICHES: I like New Saigon on Washington St next to Jia Ho Supermarket (which I will mention later). But their piña colada bubble tea shake is the best in town too. 4. SKEWERS: The newest trend is no longer at TeaDo but at Hot Eastern on Beach St in the basement of the food court where Avana Sushi is.  They have slow service but definitely worth the wait . 5. SUPERMARKETS: The best is always the smaller ones but I would recommend going to New York Mart and Jia Ho Supermarket for the discounted snacks! 6. FOOD TRUCKS: Wow Barbeque is a red truck that sells skewers that generally parks outside the China Trade Center on Boylston St. It is a must try! Last but not least, 7. RESTAURANTS: There are plenty and I will blog about more later but today's restaurant feature will be China Pearl because I live for the Chinese style banquets they have during this time of year but there's not that many. So check it out if you can!

{HeunXiao Hongston}