Hilarious Politics and my own Cowardice

You know I spend a lot of time calling people out or calling Chinese culture out for it's or their weaknesses, but I share most of those same weaknesses. I'm so afraid to write so much stuff on this blog because I am afraid of what might happen. But Forget that.
I'm sick of it.

What I'm going to do instead is go ahead and write it, but I will try to cover the story from multiple angles. I mean I'm not going to try and make some really look bad though. I'm not going to try and be mean or vindictive or like some sort of blogger terrorist. I will try to be respectful.

Err not exactly respectful in terms of being polite. But more measured in intent. I mean I'm going to try and see everyone's point of view.

Here is something I just got wind of. It's just too funny to me.

Wing Kay Leung and Michael Wong had told me after their team, lost the CCBA election, "You wait and see what happens." There were a few predictions but one of them that I thought was sort of... never going to happen just because of the smallness of it was this.

The first thing to go will be Kung Fu Federation because Simon Chan voted against them.

HAhA! That's actually happening right now. Breaking news if you actually care. Which a majority of Chinatown doesn't because a majority of Chinatown is WHITE and could give a two hoots about this. Being a lowly white in some ways is still better than being a powerful Chinese.

Anyway, it seems like Simon Chan is going to get raked over the coals. Am I buddies with Simon? Actually no he sort of creeps me out. That's just a prejudice of mine when people like to lean real close and whisper something to you. I don't really know him.

My problem is this.

If you can rule with an Iron Fist I respect that. That's tough. I fear you. And if you're consistent I even respect you. I have kids. I discipline them. I get mad at them too.

But if you do that, you have to be able to cancel parade's bam! like that with an Iron fist when it is in the community's interest. If you're hard with us kids, you have to be hard with the higher ups.

What would I do as  CCBA president? I'm still trying to figure out what I should do as a Chinatown Blogger. I've been quiet and subversive about stuff for 15 years.. and I can see signs of similar stuff happening that rub me the wrong way. I'm not talking as a member of a Kung Fu School or even as a member of Chinatown's community. I'm talking about myself. Waht is it? This is one example. Another is  heroin needles in playgrounds... which reminds me I have to start that Street sweeping thing next week. Now I'll work with anyone and for anyone. but I'm not going to be as quiet as I have been.

 But I'm sure there is another side to this story. Paul Chan said he would give me an interview.. but I doubt we will talk about this. For his interview I aim to make him look good. He has a really interesting story. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he went to Taiwan and joined the army there. There are aspects of him that are tough and awesome. He is also really approachable.... but this stuff? Maybe there is a good explanation. But as I have heard over and over, Chinese can be their own worst enemey.

Nah it's not that though.

I've heard people complain about Chinatown politics and get all stressed out to the point where I can tell it's bad for their health. I have a cure for that. It's St. Patrick's day season right? Maybe that's why I'm feeling and writing particularly Irish today. But if you feel bad about Chinatown Politics, just go listen to some Irish Rebel songs and then some Orangeman songs on youtube, and then read the comments and read that history of white people killing each other over differences which will have Chinese who can't tell the difference between Brits and Irish to begin with scratching their heads. You will feel a lot better trust me.

Am I afraid about who will read this blog?

Nah this blog post has no pictures. Ain't nobody reading this post.. except Paul Chan, because I'm sending it to him. I'm  frustrated. But I ain't picking sides.. because in the end. I'M WHITE!
I don't need this... I just find the stories interesting. I don't need to live like my Chinese Father did...

Did I go to far? Let me know. I won't take anything down. But I do encourage you to push me back in the comments. And I will rely on the POSITIVE posts of other contributors to balance out this crazy rant. I did not ask them to be contributors because they share my worldview. I'm pretty sure we have huge differences of opinion.

Please cut me down to size and show me why I am wrong and restore my faith in Chinatownness.