Homemade Chinese Goodies, banquets, and more :)

Hi all!! These are pictures of some homemade chinese goodies below.

Below is an image of the street vendor at the corner of Harrison Ave on the 14th. I also dropped by the cultural village inside the bank across the street but didn't get enough time to take pictures since I was on cymbal duty that day.

But the next topic of this blog is banquets! I have been working on stuff for a banquet so here we go. 

The main thing that comes to mind is getting the prizes for the fun... This last image is my mom's friend that won a lucky pineapple at a banquet last month. I don't really know why this is but, it seems that businesses are more welcoming this time around than any other time of year.

I really hope this encourages people to go to some really cool banquets that take place in Greater Boston and I hope you enjoyed this :3


Kung Fu Dad said…
mmmm That Nian Go looks pretty good