It's beginning to look a lot like Sun Nian

These are some pictures of Moh Goon. Not a lot changes for new Year. Mostly I see a bunch of "guts" tangerines. And Si Mo was cleaning up for the new year
There is a "fook" decoration on the fengshui water fountain.

Let's play a game... can you spot the "guts" Tangerines?

I think one year I used one of these monkey masks to pass out the "teep" the papers that said, "Happy New Year. We'll be doing lion dance on such and such a date... get the Hong Bao ready." I wonder when all that will switch over to just sending out an evite? 

dai gut dai lei

The school is doing Tuen Leen Fahn up in New Hampshire this year, in conjunction with a couple of Lion Dances. That's great for New Hampshire... which wants to get a little bit of Chinatown into their community. Will it be fun for us? We'll see. I hope so. Noah will get some experience performing with the troupe I guess.