Let's Make a movie!

So I interviewed Bob Halloran for his book about John Willis. And Warner Brothers is making a movie.
I totally think I would make a good Boston White guy who is a Chinese Gangster so here is my audition tape.
It contains some adult language so no children please. 
Of course I do not have any rights to John Willis's story etc. 

However as I think more about it... I do have the rights to my story. And I never sold drugs or did really bad shit... but if I was just making a movie.... who cares? I can just make shit up.

I mean, I already have published 3 books and the character Peter, in Kung Fu in Love, is basically a nasty angrier version of me. I mean wouldn't it make the movie cooler if this White Chinese Gangster also did Kung Fu? Why not make the Kung Fu somewhat fantastical too? Why not incorporate lion dance?

One could ask "Why does the main character have to be white?" Well for me, it's because well, I'm white. Though in the script I have written, I am more the villain, and there is a Chinese guy that is the good guy, but still the white character is the protagonist. I mean I know all these people  who could totally play Chinese gangsters and know Kung Fu and do scenes. We have all these lion heads and prop weapons. I have a go pro... I even know some real directors and people who were in Hong Kong movies... but so far I have been too embarrassed to reach out to them. But I mean c'mon.. why not? Let's just do this for fun! Maybe the people who are making a similar Hollywood movie will see someone they like and hire them. (Maybe me?) 
Though most likely, they will get a bunch of people to be extras but still we can make our own movie where we star in it. Not a long 2 hour film. Like 15 minutes and then go from there and see what else we can do. It could be a stepping stone. Who wants in?