New Kung Fu Class in Chinatown

I'm going to be teaching a new class in Chinatown starting on Saturday  March 5th. The class will be in the Josiah Quincy school weight room. It's going to be a lot like my 1st Baptist Church class... except it's going to be open to kids too.

Basically it's an intro to Kung Fu class. We'll start with some meditation, Do some basics, do some slow Tai Chi like stuff for rest, maybe do some push hands, and end with a story/form cultural tid but about Chinese Kung Fu. The class is from 1-1:45 so it will only be 45 minutes.

And the price is going to be $60 for 3 months, or 12 weeks. Because I'm making it so cheap, I'm going to be hard lined about that price.  I'm pretty excited about doing this class and I'm going to make Noah a big part of it. I've had Noah in my classes before, but this time I plan to have him take more of a role as teacher. We'll see how that works.

I honestly don't expect a huge turnout, but that's okay. I hope to make connections and really teach people so that at the end, they'll have the basic concepts of Kung Fu down, so that no matter what they choose to study in the future, they'll have that foundation.

The truth  is even if you are a master at Kung Fu you will still like this class. Because it will force you to do basics in a group. And if you don't do white crane, you may not have basics that force you to turn your waist. And turning your waist just feels good. It puts you in alignment.

And the price is so inexpensive. I'm only making it three months because that is the length of time of a sports season. It's enough to get you into shape and give you that feel for the art, where you know how to practice on your own afterward. But at the same time it's not like you are signing up for 2 years. There is a beginning and an end to the class. Is there still more to learn? Of course. But I think we like to set a small doable goal in our society.

If you have kids you can bring them too. So it's not like you have to choose between doing something for yourself and something for the kids. But the class is not going to be "Let's pay fishy fishy cross my ocean" so much. I have done a lot of kids class that try to coax the children into participating. But the thing is, I know all these guys from China who just sat in the back and watched while My Sifu taight the men of the village. So they thought they had never done Kung Fu before. But, because they had watched the moves, and then played with them on their own, they did know Kung Fu. And when i showed them something as adults, they just picked it up so easily.

All that without copy claps or games or a lot of the bells and whistles you see in the modern American class. Don't get me wrong. I do that stuff in my preschool classes. Wheels on the Kung Fu bus and all that. But c'mon, you think the old way doesn't work too?

But mostly I'm excited because this is going to give me another thing to blog about.