Uncle Sam's Chinese New Year sayings

In year's past I've tried to get the kids to write the Chinese New Year sayings. It's kind of a teaching moment isn't it? Too bad I am virtually illiterate in Chinese. When you go online to look for sayings, it's actually hard to find good ones for kids to write than you might think. Gung Hei Faht Choi is easy to say and easy to find... but difficult to write. "Dai Gut dai lei" is my go to. Happy New Year is sort of a must, but again not the easiest to write... and at some point you want to switch it up.

Then I saw that Uncle Sam posted these on Facebook.

But what do they mean? I'll start frpm upper left. "Four directions safe" right? 4 lei ping on. Errr next one I don't know.  I see ping on dai gut. Long ma jing sun... long fei fung (???errrrr) Luk hup dai jong. Teen ha tai ping (that's world peace yeah?) Okay I total need need more help But  good number of these are easier to write than say a long couplet you might see in  an image taken in China. I could totally copy these and so could my kids.. or at least color them in or something. 

What are your favorite Chinese New Year's sayings and their meanings?

Update: Here is what they look like on the wall

(Photo credits: Sam Chan)