BCEC Easter part one

On Good Friday I glanced at a couple going into Saint James. They were the parents of former students of mine. hey didn't see me though. The mother was dressed in a nice white dress and I thought that Easter must be a very special holiday for them. (and of course Good Friday) Although i consider myself a type of Christian, I was actually not raised with the Church part of the Easter holiday, to the point where once as a child as I saw others dressed in their "Easter Best" and commented my mother regretted not bringing me to Church at all as I did not even know anything about the festivities of this particular holiday.

This Easter I actually did go to a Church err.. service. But it was really for the blog.

I went to BCEC's service which takes place in the Josiah Quincy School auditorium. The English service started at 9:15 and Grace wondered why I left the house so late with the boys. The truth was I had no intention of sitting through the entire service just to talk to Pastor Steven Chin. I just wanted to get the story. I mean to sit through Catholic Mass at St. James, that was one thing. That was a return to my mother's and Grandparent's religion. I sort of believed I was getting extra points or something. (But I did eventually stop going.)

But why put myself through that for someone else's Church?

Well when we arrived I realized that the full auditorium and the blasting guitar that maybe this one was more festive. Maybe.

I mean St. James has a band play too. And actually sometimes the guitar player is an old Kung Fu student so that's cool because I know him. But this was so loud that well, I didn't have to worry about being quiet with the kids. We listened a while when suddenly Dai Dai whispered, "Rumble Grumble. I'm hungry."

(To find out what happened next, read part two.. but in between that I will probably blog about Henry Yee' sFuneral at Wing Fook, which is tonight. Anyone in BCEC who wants to chip in in the comments or maybe... even become a contributor, just let me know.)