Boston Marathon

I saw on Twitter fro +Ari Ofsevit that a lot of the Boston Marathon Maps do not have the Tufts Medical Center T stop or the Chinatown T stop on the map. Let me just say that these past few years (you know, aside from the Tsarnaev year, I happened to be in Chinatown that day because I was too lazy to get into that huge crowd of people and opted to hang out at Moh Goon instead) but anyway on a normal Marathon you see a ton of runners coming down to Chinatown to eat afterwards because it is a cheap and good and full meal. And of course they will either use the Tufts Medical stop to go home or teh Chinatown Stop. Maybe they even take the T one stop over because yeah they can run 26 miles but do they want to go that much farther? Plus with the whole family? The point is Chinatown actually gets a lot of business from that event and provides a nice place to eat and hang out afterward. Maybe you can go get a massage, heck a foot massage, after running that far, or standing around watching people finish running that far.. right?

So anyway.. who makes these maps? I mean Chinatown is still on the map... just not the T stops. so what's up with that?