Diana Hwang and Mrs. Ng Pictures

Hi all! This is a picture of Diana Hwang's Young Professional "Meet and Greet" at Carrie Nation last night. I was there because I was invited by my friend. It was a wonderful event and Matt O'Malley was there to show his support. I am happy to say that I am excited to see how this special election on April 12th works out. 

Next we have here a picture of my mom's friend, Mrs. Ng, representing the Ng Family Benevolent Association of New England, at the Wong Family Association Dedication of the new drums and lions. I heard that it was a very fun event at the Wong Family headquarters and that many attended. 

Here is the link to see more photos from the event: https://goo.gl/photos/rHm7Xe75Jhuj22kZA 

So hope you guys enjoyed this post, please comment if you want to and I'll talk to you guys later!


Kung Fu Dad said…
Is that Jong seen sang on the far right?