Perspectives: Drug addicts in Chinatown

This is from a bunch of conversations with different people and it's just easier to represent the ideas as one anonymous person's.

"Look the real reason why there are so many addicts... I mean homeless if their just hanging around there isn't any problem with that. It's just people who are snatching purses that are a problem. And they snatch purses to get high. But why are they here? I mean their aren't from here, or anywhere around here. Their here because of St. Francis, Pine Street Inn. Now the intention of that is good. But what happens is people come here to Chinatown, they have to take a bus or whatever to get here, and then they linger. Now here is just an idea... because the intention is to help these people... wouldn't it be even MORE helpful if the place that gave the free meal and services for them was in THEIR neighborhood? I mean that would be better for Chinatown... but it would also be better for them. But asking for the City to do something that makes sense... I guess that's asking too much."