Return to Castle Court

Today I went door to door in my old neighborhood to get out the vote. It felt much different than canvassing in someone else's neighborhood. It was enjoyable and a return. This place had meaning to me. I got to see a lot of people from my childhood and it is true that there were a lot of new people too than did not know who I was. But I am going to get at least one person registered to vote who wasn't going to, and a ton of people did not know about the April 12 election. Of course I was pushing Diana Hwang but I also let people know about Lydia Edwards.. and then I explained while even though she was good, why I thought Diana would be more effective etc. But it felt good, EMPOWERING to let people know about an election who didn't and who were like "Yeah I can do that! I'm registered and yeah I didn't even know about that election. Okay some people didn't want to talk to me. These were the super voters that already got all the literature from all the candidates. But other people were like "Right On! Power to the people!" in Chinese and in English.

One guy totally dissed and ignored me.. and the funny thing is... I grew up with him. Not sure if he recognized me or not. I didn't bother to mention who I was because we had had our ups and downs.

I'm going back tomorrow. I only did two courts. Castle and Emerald. And even though I might get some people who might register too late... well at least they will be registered so they can vote in the Presidential Election right?

For that election. I don't care who they vote for at all. I won't be pushing for anyone. Of course I have who I am voting for. In fact.. that vote won't really matter much. Massachusetts will definitely be Democrat. But it is important that a majority of the projects vote because when you vote you are valued by the people who seek those votes.