Election Day!

Today is April 12 and the election fro State senate is almost wrapping up. The polls are only open for two more hours. And there is definitely quite a story here that I will have to continue after the results get in. Today is game day and afterwards there will be days of assessments I am sure.

And it was a game I participated in because I was handing out flyers, door knocking and all that type of thing for Diana Hwang.

And whenever I let people know about the election I welcome any comment they give me as it gives me more information about the community. Yeah I grew up there, but it's changed and you just don't necessarily talk to people, especially about politics.

I started at the polling station at Benjamin Franklin Institute. Mass Pike and Castle Square residents vote here. It was surprising to learn that Mass Pike votes here because standing outside of the door from Mass Pike you can SEE the other poll station.

I guess when I first turned 18.. I did not vote because I was at Groton. I only voted in the Presidential elections. Were there others? I don't know.

I learned from talking to someone who was collecting signatures to get on the ballot in the fall that Southie has a huge voter turnout, even compared to the South End.

It was interesting too that when I handed out a flyer to someone and they l told me that they were from Southie, this woman also said, "Make sure you let everyone know about that! Keep pushing!"

In other words it is part of the culture to ALWAYS vote.

There were a lot of players in today's election.

The Oak Tin group was supporting Boncore. I had a feeling that they were not supporting Diana, but I didn't know who the candidate was.

Michelle Wu backed Lydia Edwards.

Linda Dorcena Forry, Sonia Chang-Diaz, and Ayana Pressley endorsed Diana Hwang.

The Bay Village area was pretty much Jay Livingstone's territory and I even saw a sign up for him on a Chinese owned building.

It would be interesting to find out why some people in Chinatown backed Boncore, but I have a feeling I have a better chance of getting that answer from Boncore himself than from Chinatown.. who knows.

Was this an exciting and riveting election? Yes it was. Nail biting! and it's not over yet!

One hour and 45 minutes until the polls close at 8pm so you still have a chance to cast your vote. Obviously I am supporting Diana Hwang so I think you should vote for her if you haven't already.

I really hope she wins.

It would be cool to be there when everyone finds out and to record it in some way. Alas I am home with the children and Grace is away. Could I bring them back into Chinatown?

I considered it.

But to do what?

They need to go to bed.

I did do my part for sure.

Was it enough?

We shall see.

Go vote for Diana.

The district includes Chinatown, North End, Downtown, Beacon Hill, Revere, Bay Village, Winthrop, Cambridge, and East Boston.

Indeed why the district is shaped like that is probably a story in itself.