Monday after tragedy. Chinatown just continues on like any other Monday.

I rode into Chinatown today because I had a Dental cleaning at Tufts.
I have been thinking a lot about the family that lost their 2 year old girl recently. I thought about how we had passed by where they had parked, because all the spaces were filled and instead Grace parked over in front Of Josiah Upper School. I took Noah into JQS BCYF to learn some Volleyball from Jerell and then Grace had brought Jonah in later. Grace went to an acupuncture appointment and then I started teaching my Kung Fu class t 1pm.

The Car accident on Nassau street happened around 1:18pm

I thought that, "I hope the family wasn't someone we knew." But even if it was someone we didn't know it is still a horrible thing that happened to a family that was doing exactly what we were doing, parking, getting out, going to do whatever Chinatown things you do.

 And when the family picture was released, I realized that I knew the mother from one of those parenting groups I had done at BCNC.

Today, on Monday, from a distance I am pretty sure I saw her, the mother, get out of a car and cross the street. Dressed in black. Her walk was strong and determined. In the car were faces I didn't recognize also dressed in black. Sad yes, but they were in autopilot I have to do this mode.

A woman held a bag full of clothes labelled Gymboree, not the mother, she was already across the street. The clothes, my guess were the clothes of the child, because all of those must be gotten rid of. Anybody that passes away, according to tradition, you bag up all their belongings and get rid of them.

I was amazed at how strong the young mother's walk was. I paused on my bike. But I did not call out to her. Sometimes I wonder if offering condolences are helpful or hurtful.

At the time I wasn't sure if it was her but now I am pretty sure, because of the black attire and the bagged clothing. Terrible things happen. People suffer. But they also manage to carry on. If not fully on the inside, then on the outside.

I went to the dentist and on the way back into JP I also saw John Barros walking down the street. I circled back around and just in that brief turn around I Chinatown on my bike I saw all sorts of people I knew. I saw Henry Yee's wife, I saw this other guy that I had had a conflict with in the past, I saw the regular local faces going about their day.

Chinatown is a very small community in many ways. If not small... then very connected. Chances are when something happens that you will indeed know those affected, for good or bad. It is like it's own little village.

I wondered if I should even post such a post or talk about such a thing. But then, it is all over the news. After all that is why I even know about it.  My post won't help or hurt. It just is. And two days after the young girl's world ended and drastically changed the world of her parents and older sister... it is Monday. Just Monday. I'm not sure that if the fact that the world carries on is something of a comfort or an incredible grief to the family.

Do I wish I could do something to help? Yes of course. But for something like this.. what can you really do?


Unknown said…
It isn't common to discuss because of "bad luck" superstition, but the outpouring of support and help might just be what this poor mother needs. It definitely makes you reflect on what you have and hold on a little tighter.