More Impact

I have been criticized for just running around doing all these little things basically like my wheels are spinning in the mud, without making any real impact. I suppose there is truth to this. I forced myself to stop and think about what I really want to do. I guess, as I have mentioned before, the thing I wanted to do was start a Middle School. One of the ideas is that I would trun the day on its head. In other words. Instead of sitting at your desk all tday and then having "extracurricular activities after school, and then homework.. I think a good part of the day would be running around doing Kung Fu Yoga and other types of games. Playing chess, Chinese Chess and Wei Qi, playing music in a relaxed environment, and even reading books in small groups of five. The Books would be whatever they test you on for MCAS or to get your GED (yes I am aware that I said Middle School) but they would be read and discussed and the children would blog about them. But you wouldn't be tested on it.
Anyway that would be the day.

Of course Math and Science would be eased into that day, also in an untested manner, through videos and going out and looking at nature and perhaps partnering with the Museum of Science and that sort of thing. I.e. lots of field trips and time outside, maybe even doing actual lab work for companies or universities in Boston Harbor or whatever.

Then for After school, for the "real school work" well it would just be Khan Academy mostly. And for later in the day, I would try to get some partnerships with companies so that people who are already in the working world can come in and tutor the kids.

Since the kids have spent all day doing Kung Fu... they can also teach those adults Kung Fu. Here's where you have the meeting of two worlds, the Kung Fu school run by middle school students, who attend a Kung Fu middle school. But that way, the children get to be in a leadership position sometimes too.

And your teachers can actually be real scientists. Real lawyers. Real engineers. Maybe even real CEOs.

There really wouldn't be homework. There would be self study where you would be guided by these real world tutors. You would focus on the skills that the companies are actually looking for.

I think sleeping at the school should be an option. Not a requirement. But it may just save time.

I talked about how Chinatown could use several independent middle schools. And if you could get kids, through guidance, to take the GED in Middle school, and then be guided through high school to do online College work and build connections with companies.. all the while functioning as a Kung Fu school where the children are trained to teach the adults (who will in turn teach and guide them) Yes I think eventually you could have a program that really gets some attention. Also I think the kids will enjoy the whole process. Of course I need help to do this. And I need money and endorsements and support. Would it be better to start this off as some sort of After school or summer program?

But ultimately you really want it to be full day. Maybe that means summer camp.