Open Air markets

So I met up with Grace at Ming's today. I call it Ming's but for years it has been New York Mart or something like that. And probably, it's only a matter of time before it's gone. I mean it's a prime location for more Condos, Ming's and 88, or whatever their new names are.

Not only that, but starting next week the parking lot next to Ming's isn't going to be open on Sundays because their having a new South End Open Air market in that Parking lot. Two Sowa, SoHo whatever's. I went to one. I admit it looked cool. But when it comes down to it Food trucks... kind of suck. I mean how are any of these want to be markets better than an ACTUAL market like Ming's or 88 or whatever their new names are. They have really prime produce, meat and fish... and they also have the cafeteria... which the Caribbean African Americans know that's where it is at. The Chinese workers ate that food. It must be good.

I remember seeing the trailer to Fresh off the boat and they show a zoo of a Chinese Supermarket vs. the nice friendly Mainstream American supermarket. So not only is that BS but obviously it is racist. I just didn't realize it until I thought about it today. I mean that zoo where you can't even find shade and you are hungry but can't eat something good and you are likely to lose your children... multiply that times 10 and that is your Sowa South End open Air market.. but that's what people want obviously, and that is like the tool that is going to slow down business for the Chinese Markets.

Here's what gets me, I see a lot of my friends on social media complain about Chinatown disappearing bu then they also seem to love these open air markets like they are the best thing ever. Are they really? Prove me wrong. Why are they better than the markets that are already there?

And here is another thing as I looked at the giant Whole Foods that was there. Now I shop at Whole Foods... when I'm in JP. It's the closest market to the house.

But I would never choose Whole Foods over 88 or Ming's while in Chinatown. I don't care if they try to reach the Chinese community with some wilted Bok choi. C'mon. You know what we need to do. We need to show the people moving in that cooking Chinese Produce and shopping at Chinese Supermarkets is like the best thing ever. I mean the Cafeteria that's where you start, because it's like a Food Court Anthony Bourdain would go to. They are into healthy stuff so if they are going to go Chinese, they would have to do the Brown Rice.
The meats (if they aren't Vegan) has to be the bone broth thing, which has been a Chinese thing for years.

Not to stereotype, but here is a link to an article about Bone Broth and how it is good for a man and it is written by a female Doctor who went to the same fancy Prep school I went to. So again, not to stereotype, but I would imagine that the Ink Block is filling up with this type. Young, wealthy, hip. And where can they buy said ingredients for Bone Broth? Better chance of getting that stuff at 88 and Ming's (New York Mart or whatever)

The answer is to reach out to this new group somehow. New York and Cart Gift cards and gift Certificates that you can purchase for friends to go to the Chinese Supermarkets. Maybe cooking lessons on how to forage the Gingko fruits from the tree at Tai Tung Park. Cross cultural classes with old ladies teaching the hip yuppies how to cook the really good ginseng bone broth, and get them to want to understand Taishanese. But these Open air markets? I really want to say F those. I mean maybe one of the other contributors to the blog has something positive to say about them and I'd love to read it. But I just don't see it.