Parkour at Josiah Quincy School

I was in Chinatown to help set up the Kung Fu and Film class with Mandy Chan. I parked my bike over by the YMCA and saw people on top of Josiah Quincy School jumping from things onto other things... parkour.

But there were more people doing this than I usually see. Like a whole group.

"Are you a club? Are you a group?"

Apparently, this was actually an annual event and some participants came from as far away as California and Canada.. because as one person put it, the Josiah Quincy Elementary school building is like a Parkour practiotioner's wet dream.

Imagine that, that something in Chinatown is golden.. a Mecca of North America for something that actually had nothing to do with Chinese Culture per se...

We should get in on this. It's already an event. Have some lion dance, some Kung Fu Parkour exchange (because there is a lot of overlap in practitioners I am sure.) Maybe get some Chinese Folk Dnace people up there to do stretching, some restaraunt sponsors, cause everyone has to eat after ward.. and it's a tow day event... where do they sleep?

Well I got some info and I will blog more about this after the State Senate election and hopefully the organizers have pictures and all that. Good thing I happened to be passing by right at that moment.