Stopping and smell the roses... or pick up cigarette Butts.

Today I had my Kung Fu Panda classes followed by my street sweeping. I guess they thought I quit again because I did not come in last week, due to it being vacation. I explained that I would also probably have to stop when Summer started. Although as I swept the street, which was mostly picking up cigarette butts, I thought, "Maybe I CAN bring the kids to do the street sweeping." I mean I haven't seen any heroin needles in a while. Maybe I can give them a talk first and explain that everyone listens to my instructions very carefully and maybe everyone only holds the dustpan or something like that.

This is probably wishful thinking. I will have to see how it is with the four children with me. If they will listen. If I will even be able to bring them to that side of Chinatown, or if I will stay where the good playgrounds are... i.e. by Little Panda, the Quincy School roof playground, and then the Castle Square Playground.

I had so little trash that I was going to leave the trash bag to reuse it next week.... but there was also poo on the street that I had to sweep up.

People ask me what is new in Chinatown.

The biggest news story is the tragic death of Isabella Wu. I happened to find out through Twitter that I actually know her mother and her older sister was a classmate of Noah's. This actually has forced  the event more into my mind. I can't stop thinking about the family, about the older sister.
Perhaps because it is such a horrible tragedy, well even UK daily mail has written articles about it.
I think I want to go to the funeral, and I think Noah should go too. In fact it is doing an internet search that allowed me to see articles from UK Daily Mail.

As I cleaned up the street, I was thinking "why am I doing this." Not because I felt bad about the exercise but I realized that I really am doing this for myself. As some sort of form of self realization.

They say, "stop and smell the roses." Well stopping and picking up the cigarette butts is like that. I notice the beauty of the community in its nastiest parts. And through that exercise I achieve some sort of self realization... more so than actually cleaning the street. Because obviously people will just throw more cigarette butts down... probably a good number of those butts will come from people I know.