Wait... so there's still an election on May 10?

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Linda See It is a Democratic primary, isn't it? I thought the actual election is not until May 10th. I'm a registered Democrat and I don't know if there are any Republican candidates for this vacancy, but they would not appear on a Democratic primary ballot even if there are.
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Adam Cheung From what I heard, after this, that's it. Though I could be wrong. I think there is no Republican candidate running. Again, I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure.
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Adam Cheung The fact that I am covering this and participating and I am not 100% sure is pretty interesting. I wish there was more press coverage.
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Linda See http://www.sec.state.ma.us/.../1suffolkmiddlesexcal.htm

The election is May 10th, today is the primary. I just voted and saw Diana Hwang outside of the Metropolitan greeting people on their way out, but I had to pick up my daughter from daycare so didn't have time to tell her I voted for her.
The Elections Division administers state and federal elections and provides information on…
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Adam Cheung I'm still pretty sure that after today, whoever wins will be State Senator. Let's bet lunch! lol. The bet is, whoever wins the primary after today without another election, will be State Senator. If there is indeed another election on May 10, even if the Democratic Candidate still wins... you win this bet. what do you say?
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Adam Cheung BTW I'm talking about some kind of 3 choices and a soup or sahm bo fahn type lunch. No bao yu long ha okay.
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Adam Cheung Also can I use this feed for another post? The ambiguity is interesting. The bet makes it even more interesting. What food is eaten, even MORE interesting.
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Linda See Haha. Ok. I'm not totally sure I follow the bet but I am in.
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Linda See Courtney was one of the wardens at the Chinatown polling location. Not friends with her on FB so I couldn't tag her, but she probably knows.
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Adam Cheung What's your go to place?
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Adam Cheung For lunch?
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Linda See Great Taste on Beach Street
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Boston Chinatown Blog: Joe Boncore is the new State Senator
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Linda See http://northendwaterfront.com/.../joe-boncore-wins-state.../

So, it appears that there is still an election on May 10th but he is the de facto winner bc he will be the only name on the ballot that day as no candidates from any other parties ran.
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Adam Cheung So there will still be another time where people go to the polls and have to vote? Where is the local Republican office? Can they still push some out?
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Adam Cheung If there is still an election, then I guess you win our bet. But I'm still confused.
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