What I've learned from participating in this Election.

The election tomorrow is an ELECTION for States Senate. It is not just a Primary.. even though people are calling it that. The reason why it is not a primary is because there is no Republican on the ticket....
That's something to think about. I mean no republican is running at all? If Diana Hwang wasn't running, I might go ahead and run as a Republican just for the heck of it, Do all my campaigning on twitter and door knocking. Am I a Republican? I'm an independent. And I am supporting Diana Hwang for this election... but I still think it is weird that there is no Republican candidate whatsoever. More to come on that I guess....

In any case, I I learned was that as "strong" as the Chinatown  (extended Chinatown) vote is, in that it can sometimes be the swing vote, it is weak in many ways. I mean it is not being used to it's full potential. A lot of young people are not registered. Shoot my friends are not registered and were I to start talking about it with them they kind of look at me like, "what the hell." They will talk about politics... but don't talk about canvassing or whatever.. they don't even vote.

Now there are obviously Young people that canvass, every time, there are old Chinese people who vote every single time... but I still see a lot of untapped potential It's kind of too late for this election and let's hope that what was tapped into gets Diana a win... and if not, let's hope that was tapped into has influence over whoever does win. (and this is why not all the powers that be in Chinatown necessarily rallied behind Diana, especially the old school people, because they have ins with the other guys. You see Chinese campaigning for Livingstone and Boncore. I heard of you could get PAID to canvass for Lydia Edwards. Now all these candidates are great... but I am still somewhat surprised at that because Diana Hwang is great too, and I think for the overall big picture of being an Asian American.. she is a better choice. I mean if you have an Asian daughter Diana winning changes what that Asian daughter's perspective of the world. And that is something beyond politics.

As a half white half Chinese guy, pretty much every candidate including Lydia Edwards, represents MY interest. Really. I mean as much as any politician can represent my interest. So if someone shouldn't be voting or getting involved the way I am, it should be me. So even I was slow to just immediately get behind Diana. It's only after the petition for the T and talking to her that I saw she could do things in a different way. Something about her shows that she can bring new ideas and new blood. So that's why I'm sold and even willing to pitch for her.

But as I started to pitch I found this out. EVERY non profit CANNOT endorse a candidate by law. You can talk about the benefits of that, but since most of the community ORGS including Churches are not profit.. basically that is like having and organization that has it's balls cut off. Really.

You are for the community, but you can not influence the community. You can talk about how that keeps you from being corrupt, but in essence it means the politicians do not have to fear you. Dong nei mo do. Seriously.

It also got me thinking about just how powerful a UNION is beacuse a union can and always DOES endorse a candidate.

The newspapers in Chinatown pretty much seemed to not want to endorse any candidate either. You can talk about how this is important and ethical because a newspaper should not be Biased. However, The New York Times endorsed Hillary right?

And ever other small community newspaper form the other neighborhoods? They ALL endorsed a candidate for this election tomorrow, for whatever reason. You can talk about ethics but when you look at Community by community, the power for a paper to endorse, that means that community has more power essentially.

Now there are people in Chinatown who hold sway over votes, but even they sort of cannot just come out and SAY it directly the way other communities seem to be able to.

Now I really wanted to rally for Diana this time, and I did... and I saw Chinatown break into pieces surprisingly, which at first I was pissed about but in the end.. I guess I understand why. I still hope she wins anyway, but going forward.. Chinatown needs a DIFFERENT kind of organization. Something for the community to benefit the community but it also has to have teeth. Not to bite the community nor to start any sort of trouble, (and that;s he danger of an organization or group with teeth, it can end up being tyrannical, corrupt, or seen as an uprising and be crushed resulting in the DESTRUCTION of the community from outside forces that feel threatened.

There needs to be a group that works with other communities, helps the Chinatown Community, but is bound by rules, which means it can't be a non-profit. It can't be an illegal GANG either because then it would just get taken down or killed or be used as an excuse to quickly gentrify Chinatown suing not only Market forces but even eminent domain.

I mean look at Kowloon in Hong Kong. As an outsider I like the park better for sure. But it shows that a government can totally take a neighborhood and get rid of it if it feels that it is harmful.

Honolulu's Chinatown was actually burned down... on purpose. Different era yes, but I'm just saying if you think that could NEVER happen to Boston's Chinatown. Think again. They can just decide all the old buildings are unfit and must be turned to Greenspace or condos or whatever. And for me.. as a now outsider.. I can actually make an argument for why that would be good for the community. I'm not pushing for that at all but I just want to show that yes, Chinatown could be gone in 6 months if people wanted it gone. The reason why it is still here is because people in power like it. They like the votes, they like the restaurants, they like the childcare, they like that the residents for the most part do not cause trouble.

You sort of need an organization or group that shows all of this, that focuses on showing this, but also
makes money somehow (not from fundraising, I mean a business would be ideal.. basically this is sort of what the CCBA and CBA are supposed to be) but that also can endorse. Can sway the vote or at least appear to sway the vote... and has to have the residents in mind. And has to be able to make viral VIRAL youtube vidoes and have millions of Twitter followers.

Obviously my blog is not there, maybe some restaurants could sort of do it... but will it adversely affect business? Is there some sort of Chinese Union? Maybe the family organizations just need some streamlining?

Maybe a Kung Fu school that really comes out from the get go and says "WE ARE INVOLVED!" kind of like how Genki SPark does. Not sure. I'm developing an answer. I don't yet have one.