Last Day of class

For my last day of my Intro to Kung Fu class... nobody showed up.  It's okay because the graduation ceremony I was going to have over at the Parent school, well I guess it wasn't going to happen now that I am separated. In fact thinking back, my idea of trying to bring students in through this introduction method was not well received when I mentioned it in the first place.

So I still waited around and practiced a little anyway.

I guess I am superstitious and take everything as a sign. I walked in and saw a young man lifting weights. I had seen him before... but today he was wearing a GI. I talked to him a little  bit and it turns out he does a few martial arts and really wants to get into MMA. I hope to work with him soon on something.

Later some kids came in and practiced break dancing. In past classes I think I had seen them and told them that there was a class in here between 1-1:45. But since nobody showed up to my class I saw no point in even mentioning it. I practiced a little and watched them practiced. And then I tried to recruit them. Because I had wanted to combine Lion Dance with break dancing... actually in a filmed scene. In a street Gang/ magic Lion Dance fighting scene that would have been the beginning of a movie based on Macbeth that takes place in Chinatown. I even wrote that crazy script. It was actually pretty stupid but I though that idea for the opening scene was kind of cool.

It wouldn't be Lion Heads to Break dancing moves. I've seen the Youtube videos. I'm not crazy about them but to each his own. I described what I wanted to the breakers. As I was describing it I realized.. man I am old and crazy and sound stupid. But they said no that it sounded kind of cool actually. Anyway I hope to work with them in the future.

Then I saw this young man who is a teacher now. I remember when he was just a kid. I had seen him a few years back as a young man. Now he looked like a tired man. Burnt out even. But in any case, he has a career. He is a teacher. That was a career I had once wanted before I switched to Criminal Justice... and abandoned that as well. It got me thinking, "Look at how a child has become a man with a career.. and I sort of have yet to grow up" or that's what it feels like anyway. I will probably turn around and my children will be more fit to be adults than I am. In fact, I notice as a get older I am becoming even less responsible. I doubt I am the only one. Maybe a rarity, but it can't just be me. Especially adults close to death. I mean at that point who cares right? I mean my mom was still trying to rearrange the house and all that to the very end. But I could imagine that some old people will really be like who cares about law or social norms right?

Anyway, I guess it was good that nobody came to the last class, because then I got to talk to some people.

Being a teacher all the time isn't good. You have to try to be a student 90% of the time in order to be a good teacher that 10% of the time.

In any case, I will start a new Intro to Kung Fu class on June 11th. I was going to have that class focus on grappling... but I think I am just going to see who shows up first and see what that crowd wants. We'll definitely have Lion Dance as a major theme in this class through. Push hands too and of course games
and basic strikes.