Airline Video

I saw some people filming by the gate today and I asked what they were doing. In turns out they were making an airline video. There is recently a direct flight from Copenhagen to Boston and Chinatown is one of the big attractions.
This was amazing to me actually.
"Isn't there a Chinatown in Copenhagen?"
"No... I think London has one but that might be the only one in Europe. I mean there are a couple of streets with a few restaurants but nothing as dense as this like in Boston."

I guess this was amazing to me because Gu wak Jai (Young And Dangerous) part 4 or 5 I forget which one, takes place in Copenhagen. It's the movie with Wu Ah.

Anyway, so I figured there was a big Chinese population.

There could be many reasons why European Countries don't develop a Chinatown. Space. Laws. I know in Germany you can't have two Chinese businesses right next to each other. They wanted to make sure a Chinatown didn't form.

I knew that New York or San Francisco or Toronto or Vancouver's Chinatown was tourist worthy on the international bucket list. But it was cool to see that Boston's Chinatown was worthy of even filming And it got me to thinking. If you just had the Chinatown without the gate. You know something for tourists to stand under and take a picture... it wouldn't work.

But then uf you just had the gate, with out the old guys playing Zherng Kei and Chau dai di right there at the park... that wouldn't work either.

The gentleman gave me his card and I'll share a link to the video.. as soon as I find that card.

What else is new? A few things. Leland Cheung is running for Senate against incumbant Pat Jehlen. Both progressives. But mainly the differences is in style of running things. Decision making that sort of thing. I can empathize with that. Sometimes when you are in charge it's not actually the ideology that makes a big difference, but the small things. Will Chinatown play a major role in his campaign? We aren't in the district but he comes to all the Family Banquets. We'll see.