This Spinach is for Pigs!

I was buying my weekly 1 dollar vegetable at Jia Ho when this old Chinese grandma comes up to me...

"No.. Young man!.. No spinach I show you, I show you!"

"Uhh oh okay... how about this one?"

"You speak Chinese? Wah!!! No this spinach is not spinach. In China we would only use this to feed pigs! I raised pigs in China. They are lying to you. Let me get you some real spinach. You are still young. You have a few more decades to work. I'll PAY! Come on I will pay for some good vegetables for you to eat. I have money."

"What? No I have money too."

I'm cheap not poor. there's a difference.

This was so awkward because now I didn't want to get the spinach not because it was bad but because I didn't want to insult her.  So I just got some other 1 dollar vegetable.

Here's the thing. I understand what she's saying about eating good food. She said if you eat bad vegetables it will be no good for your system. But of all the crap that I put in my system, I'm telling you one dollar vegetables is extending my life not shortening it.

Also, it's not like Grace doesn't buy good vegetables. It's just that we end up forgetting about them and they will become around the same quality of 1 dollar veggies by the time we eat it. So I usually get 1 dollar veggies for the purpose of binge eating vegetables. The early morning Wednesday seems to be the freshest one dollar vegetable time slot I have seen.

Later outside she called to me as I got on my bike,

"Please young man, I know this country is in a sad state of affairs where the young like you support the old with your taxes and your hard work meanwhile you have to suffer to eat things not worthy of pigs." She was like almost in tears, "I know you are a good man."

I didn't have the heart to tell her I was just some loser blogger... but I get what she was saying. This would have made a great commercial for some sort of right wing politics right here. But nobody would believe it.

"He doesn't speak Chinese!" her friends laughed at her.

I spoke to them in Chinese just so they wouldn't think she was nuts and as they looked confused I took of on my bike and waved good bye.

This was probably my most eventful and eye opening vegetable buying session ever.