Adam Cheung: Chinatown's Fourth of July celebration

I was away for the Chinatown Festival on July 2nd. In fact I've been away for a week or so hence the lack of blog posts. How did the festival go? In any case, as it past, and I watched fireworks elsewhere, a memory of a past Chinatown Fourth of July Celebration popped into mind. I'm not sure if the July 2nd celebration was marketed as a way to celebrate Independence Day or not. But I laughed as I recalled  a former event during my teen years (must have been 2000 or 2001.. which actually would make a significant difference given events  September 11, 2001)

I've never seen another July 4th Chinatown celebration. I never saw the organizer again mentioned in this story.

Adam Cheung: Chinatown's Fourth of July celebration: I was in high school and had been an assistant lion dance instructor at Randolph High. Because I didn't go to that high school and the L...

In the end, we (the teenagers) did our dance left, hung out, got Boba (Jun ju nai Chas) and went to the common to watch the fireworks and be kids. The yeller in this story wasn't so much crazy and passionate and maybe stressed out and maybe affected by the heat a little too. But I laugh every time I think of it.  If I had been there now I guess I would be trying to record everything getting interviews and what not, but then as someone right in the middle of it, my attentions were elsewhere .