Homeless in Chinatown and Downtown

Displacement Skits

Sup ji

beginning part

Films at the Gate Performance

Looking up.

Films at the Gate performance

Films at the Gate performance

A Chinatown feeling


Needles in Chinatown

Kite Fest 2016

Dorchester Dim Sum and Cotton Candy

70% of an American Dream Trumps 100% of a dream that could be smoke.

Double Chin excursion

Keeping your Chinese.

Walking Through August Moon

Herng Ha identity

Little Vietnam

Ping Pong Time

Jumping with GK

Revisiting "grounds for concern"

Toi san wah

Chinese, Taishanese, Fujianese... er... Hakka and Chiu Jow?

Construction at Tremont and Oak

Gourmet China House with Showa students

Digging in Tai Tung