Digging in Tai Tung

I was hanging out at Tai Tung this week. The kids played with some of the Summer program kids. I remember teaching at Kwong Kow and bringing kids over there and being scolded by other programs "Did you reserve the playground?" I hadn't, but we just moved them to another park. It was because I hated teaching the kids Kung Fu inside. It was just depressing.

Anyway, Noah and Jonah dug up a giant grub.

"We found a bug that is white with an orange face and a a see through body and it poops white!"

  Noah hesitated, "Dai Dai will show you I don't want to go over there."

I didn't really believe them until I saw it for myself. At first, before we fully pulled it out and before we uncovered it, it looked like a Jelly fish that lived underground (Now that would make a good sci fi fairy tale!)
But it was a grub. The thing was huge! I know there is some kind of beetle around there.. but I don't know what the Grub would turn into.

I started to think back on all the things I 've read online about Tai Tung on the internet written by white people. How they love using the laundry mat and call it an isolated jewel of the city that reminds you of being in Hong Kong. There are many random stories about Tai Tung that would do well for the blog.

I missed the National night out this year.. but some of the past years I had been involved in sprung to mind.. and then I've seen pictures from before I was born of past Kung Fu performances also right in front of the same laundry mat. I remember quite a few stories just from that playground and I'm sure others have great stories too. Maybe I'll start with those for a while on the blog.