Films at the Gate performance

We went down to the Films at the Gate to do a quick Kung Fu performance before Daoist Gate and then the beginning of the movie which was the Woman Knight of Mirror Lake.
Fun times.

I will say this, I didn't realize that after Kung Fuing for one number that I would be unable to scratch out Nam Yi Dong Ji kerng or even 世界第一等 
properly. Oh well. I made a fool of myself in front of all of Chinatown. But it was such a rush. Shao dropped his stcik, stuff was forgotten, but in the end I got someone coming up to us saying, "I just want to say that you guys are super awesome. It wasn't a traditional performance but we had our little niche.

Plus we got a front row seat for Daoist Gate. I really should interview them for the blog at some point. I talked to the Si Mo for a bit but maybe we can put something more formal together.

I wanted to show Shao other people who practiced to perform, and also to take a look at Tsing Yi.

The movie was pretty awesome. Jonah had to leave. Too scary, Gunfire and blades slicing necks etc.

Then Noah had to pee like 5 times. (Thanks to him downing a Bubble Tea) So of course I had to choose 5 different restaurants. I hadn't realized that Imperial Garden or whatever it was is now 1986 owned by Fan Huang who also owns Spicy World... which is so ignorant of me because he told me that. Anyway I have to go back and eat there.

I also saw that Moon Villa has been re-done... pretty cool, Maybe I'll go eat there too, I have someone in mind to share that meal with....

We eventually moved to where I could watch him on the playground and the movie.

A little girl came over and was fascinated by the Dragon Kei Lun Lion head I had. I don't know what to call it because it's sort of like all three things. It looks most like a Kei Lun you see in Statues and paintings, but not like the ones they play.

"She loves pretending to be a Lion head at home with the chair ever since we saw a performance here>' said the mother.

"Well I made this one look." I showed her that the inside was cardboard and so in other words, she could make one too. "It's easy."

"Easy for you."

I had kind of simultaneously been proud of my Kei Lun, but also looked down on it, because I know it looks crude. Not clean. But I realize now... it's good enough man. Actually the fact that I made it gives me more power over it, and freedom to part with it.. like how I just left it there when I took Noah to the bathroom. I mean, I don;t want to have to make a whole other one from scratch, but in the end, anyone who would steal it would be stealing flour water and paper.

It kind of made me realize I should do some kind of group in JP and in Chinatown where we get a bunch of kids to make lion heads. The art teachers all do it in middle schools. Shoot if you did that right before Chinese New Year that would be pretty cool, then all these little kids could bring their homemade heads into the streets. Maybe I could get BCNC or ACDC to go in with me on it. All we need is flour and recycling and some glue and paint really.

I also met up with some of my old Kung Fu family that said hey, no matter what happened, of which I know only a little about, you should still come by and visit. I haven't seen you in a while and at least you should visit Sifu.

Which is true.

The gate  really felt like a little village. Shoot I should hang out down there more often. Noah was tired though so I can see why I don't. On the way home we got a cookie because Noah wanted to get something to eat Not to eat eat (we had eaten dinner at Double Chin's, the Sup Chau Ngau hau and the Chinese Spaghetti. Pretty awesome.) But he wanted to eat just for fun. Shoot while the warm weather still permits maybe I should go into Chinatown and take advantage fo the fact that Double Chin's is open until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.

It was a great feeling being able to watch a movie in Chinese and eat Baos. I mean when can you do that? And it was for free. Maybe I'll sneak back out to catch the last movie on Sunday.


Unknown said…
Those films sound really cool, I should have looked into this. is it a public thing?

And I now have a rickety falling apart baby lion head that I took with intention for my AS kids to work on for a couple of months before CNY. Then might lead choices where they can learn how to do it. Any pointers? Probably going to learn how to do it from videos as I'm still new to it all. Getting a group of kids to do it sounds like fun! Nice post

Kung Fu Dad said…
Yeah the films are public. There is one playing right now I believe (Sunday 8:12) "The Kid with the Tattoo"
Kung Fu Dad said…
You tube videos are probably better than what I did. I watched them but I hate following step by step instruction. I just got a general idea and then started building a head in a trance.