Jumping with GK

Yesterday I hung out with  the GK sisters.. kind of because my kids are out of town and it was a social thing to do. I did their work out.. and then a small group  (not enough to work on one of the upcoming performances that is NOT August Moon.) decided to work on Jumping and get some pointers... from me. (I feel like the time has already come where I have to remind people that I used to do Traditional lion dance. Because for a while, I have been teaching preschoolers and now I am even moving in a completely different direction. For instance, when people see MY performance at the Lantern Festival, there are roots in Traditional Lion Dance... but it isn't the same as what everyone else is doing.. to say the least.

Anyhow.... I actually showed a few drilling tips (which Grace later told me had been showed to her by Eddie Lau's son early on.. but nobody actually did them much.. and then, one of the women lifted me. And when she did, She said that I was actually easier to lift. I weigh 185. It has to do wit technique timing... that sort of thing.

But mostly what I got out of it was this. I haven't jumped and been lifted in a LONG time, like since I was a teenager of 175. I forgot the feeling. It is kind of like flying. Usually I am tail and although being tail is important, you don't get that feeling  of flying through the air... just a little bit I can see how that could be addictive.

It was a fun social thing and doubly so since I am just visiting. I always did feel more excitement as a ringer, a mercenary, and guy passing through for fun than when I was responsible for anything. Maybe I should hang out with them more often. If anything, it would be good material for the blog.