Walking Through August Moon

I got a lot more footage than this video.. though not a lot of Lion Dance footage. I don't know why I did that. I think it's because I can't stand try to video Lion Dance from far away. I'm just to spoiled. In fact, I don't even really want to watch it from far away. If I'm not getting special treatment to be right up in there, I don't even want to look at it... is that weird?

What I noticed was a lot of new organizations.. and also old, which I have yet to tap into and discover. I should go and do the rounds for the Opera groups. I should also go into this new Art studio that just opened up. Also there is an Asian American Association which Donnie Yen's dad is heavily involved in, if not a founding member. It's only 6 years old and is focusing more on the new immigrants. All stuff that is pretty interesting. I got there cards so I think I'll be making my way t do interviews with them soon. Maybe I'll upload the interviews as a taste... but they didn't really flow with the video I made.

I also learned that when filming something like the gate... even if it is just a lame shot of the gate itself... to film for longer, because you never know how long you might want to use it for in the video. Instead I had to repeat the clip and it looks lame. Now I know Mandy Chan, Sifu of editing that he is would have found a way to reverse it and have it zoom in and zoom out so that you wouldn't even notice that. But I'm not Mandy Chan. So I'm actually pretty proud of this little video I made.

Props to Paul Chan AKA Uncle Paul for coming up with some pretty deep stuff right on the spot like that. It ended up matching the previous performance's audio and then all that faded into the Chinese Opera playing at the end. That was pretty cool I thought.