August Moon Festival. Family Celebration versus a street celebration.

Photo Credit: Mai Du

Today I performed at another August Moon Festival event with the kids and some other students. Walking back from it I realized that many traditional Chinese families or Chinese Vietnamese Families celebrate this holiday as a big deal. Like Christmas. I mean even Chinese New Year to me is an outside holiday... and I used to think it was because I wasn't as Chinese. But I realize that actually that is just the change and shift to modern society. I mean not for everyone. But what I am saying is that for many, Christmas or any Holiday is more of an external holiday nowadays than a family one. I got this picture from Facebook, another Kung Fu Sifu, Mai Du shared it. Her mother made the moon cakes. A couple of times we tried doing stuff like that. Making Zhongs for Dragon boat. Tong Yuan for the Winter Solstice. But it's like teaching kids in a classroom really. It's not really about tradition. Not family tradition passed down from generation to generation. It might be looking into the past and pulling traditions from books and you tube videos. Not pulling. Absorbing. As if we were adopting a culture, or re-adopting it. 

Basically if there wasn't Chinatown... or some place... to go to.... to re connect, to have an approximation of the holiday, then these holidays would be only something I read about. 

It might be nice to know how to make moon cakes like this.