Chinese Historical Society of New England Banquet

I just got a letter from Terry Guen that Sojourner Award is going to be presented to her mother, Amy Guen, at this year's Chinese Historical Society of New England Banquet on Friday September 30, at Empire Garden. That's 690 Washington Street, the one that used to be a movie theater.

This is a pretty big deal, and if you aren't familiar with Chinatown you are going to want to  see this woman. Amy is 92 and she is still heavily involved with everything from AACA's clean up Chinatown Committee (where I met her) to countless other of other projects that make of the alphabet soup of Chinatown Organizations.

(Amy Guen Age 4)

But what people unfamiliar with Chinatown's history and culture might find most interesting is Amy's lineage. She is 3rd generation and part of one of the oldest Chinese American families in Boston. Her grandfather came here in 1890 something.. so that's two centuries ago.... from the west coast where he worked as an herbalist in Chinese Railroad camp.

Basically Amy Guen is Chinatown's Aunt, which is why she is often called Auntie Amy, and in a Chinatown that is changing and opening up to the tourists and the Boston community in a way it hasn't in the past and the old guard of Chinatown fades into history, this is an event you won't want to miss.

Check out their Website for tickets information