Curse of The new crisp 1995 Ten Dollar bill

I was in Chinatown today with my two kids because school doesn't start until to morrow and we bought Ha Cherngs fo lunch. I wen to pay with a ten dollar bill but I tell you it felt weird in my hand. I had previously embarassingly used a counterfeit 10 dollar bill at this very bakery... which somehow ended up being accepted by the bank... eh I blogged about it, I'll dig up that post and connect it with a link later.

Anyway I took out the ten and looked at it. It had the little magnetized line, it was small faced.. but I have never seen a small faced bill that was that crisp.

I decided to pay with a more recently printed 20.

But then I asked them to mark my ten with the pen just to see if it was real.

It was.

Then another woman asked if she wanted me to switch it so I said yes.

Then the original woman said it was mine to begin with so they said, "Oh it's yours?"

Now here's where it got interesting. They asked me that in Chinese. Maybe it was because my brain worked strangely hearing the words. But I thought she asking like, "Oh it's yours like you printed it yourself? Like you have  whole operation and your testing it out?"
I don't know why I thought that.

I mean that is the worst type of crime to get into anyway. They probably don't even arrest you. They probably just take you to a sleeper cell somewhere if that's what you were doing. But then again, I bet some smart kid could do it in his basement. Or maybe North Korea.

"You brought it yourself?"


Then I was thinking, shoot, I shouldn't have marked it. This thing was printed in 1995. What was I doing in 1995? Heck I was in middle school.

All this while the kids gobbled down Ha cherngs and the sparrows gathered around like a mob.

On another note. I had left my 90's cell phone at one of the preschools I taught Kung Fu at. Grace was calling me and some woman was answering in Mandarin. I guess really does understand Mandarin after all.

The woman on the phone (who is probably quite annoyed with me now) mentioned that I was coming back to get my phone. She probably saw me sitting outside with the cherng's staring at my 1995 ten dollar bill like an idiot.

I didn;t even realize I did not have my phone until I was back in JP... and happened to run into someone who used to be a great Lion Dancer for Gung Ho. His nick name was Bao Gung. I realized I didn;t have my phone because as I walked away I realized I should get his number.....

Oh no where's my phone? Yeah that's how it was.

Though my kids didn't mind any of this. What they grieved most was this cool red ball that can collapse and flatten and stay that way because of a suction cup. Then it pops back up into a red ball. I'm pretty sure they left it for 10 minutes at Elliot Norton Park. That got brought home real quick by someone. Hey it's a pretty cool ball. Can't blame them.

Anyway, for some reason I have attributed value to this ten dollar bill now, when really it isn't valuable. I think I'll feed it into the MBTA machine to put credit on my charlie card.