Response to my "displacement skits" post.

I had earlier made a post about how these skits were from a communist culture. You can check out that post here. 

I did get a bit of the other side of it, though I am not going to name my source.

Basically the response is that the skits were actually a product of Vida Urbana (City Life) as a way to educate people and it is a stretch to assume that the old people in the skit were part of the Red Guards.

However this is the song.

But then the 36 strategies do say to take old things and use them for new uses. And I do this all the time.

Some of the people who grew up in Hong Kong and were not part of the Cultural Revolution, still learned all the songs and sing them without being embarrassed whereas people who I have worked with in the past that did go through it do not want to hear these songs.

And then there are those who look on those times and those songs fondly. Even though they now live in America and worked toward their slice of the American Dream.