Sun Sun Supermarket is closing

Word on the street among the Pau Pau's is that Sun Sun Supermarket is closing.
(Photo Credit: Courtney Ho)

Sun Sun was one of the first Chinese Supermarkets in Boston's Chinatown if not the first. And it is one of the last old school style mom and pop supermarkets to last.

When people talk about something closing down and it being a significant moment in history, this is it.

Kwong Kow Chinese School used to share space with Sun Sun. It is that small supermarket in the back alley with the red cement pillars lining the the sidewalk. I remember trying to leap frog those when my mom brought me into that supermarket. But to be honest I rarely shopped there as an adult, and most of my memories of the doorway are from Chinese New Year, doing lion dance back there.

It's hard for an old style market to survive in today's economy. It's sad in a way that McDonald's closing or Maxim Coffee House was not. This has been around a LONG time.

The building was also used as a Funeral Parlor in the 70s and 80's and was thought to be haunted. People were really surprised that Sun Sun would open up shop there.

There is actually a lot more to this story that really shows parts of Chinatown that people don't usually think about.  We'll see what later posts will bring.


Unknown said…
Great family too. It's an end of a era.
Unknown said…
Great family too. It's an end of a era.
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