Wong Keung's Dragon

(Photo Credits: Adriana Li)

I can't wiat to go through the video I got. This finale was something special. At the end Gilbert Ho was like, "Is that how you do it!"  I mean there was the Dragon from Wong Keurng then Woo Ching White Crane  had the Lion, then (they were performing together as the Kung Fu Federation) and then there was smoke and those confetti poppers. The old ladies pushing me out of the way to get to those things was like Kung Fu techniques too. I really hope the footage can capture some of what I saw with the smoke and the floating confetti and the Chinatown Gate in the background. Actually I'm pretty worried that it won't.   

Look at the size of this thing!

Here it is seeming to fly down from the painting of the mountains in the background. Imagine being a little kid in the audience and watching this thing fly through the air slithering by. It's Crazy!