A "light" piece

I've been thinking a lot about Jesse Watters and the piece I wrote saying I wasn't that offended. Actually what has been sticking in my mind is FOX calling it a "light" piece. A friend of mine recalled a restaurant that was opened in Salem that would have Ramen and Kung Fu movies and called it "Light" fun as well.
And I remember wanting to write for a magazine in Chinatown, and I brought up some of the stuff I would want to talk about and the editor saying that he wanted the magazine to be "light."

Now his magazine was well respected by the Chinatown community, or respected enough, but he was white. Nobody had a problem with it. Some people laughed and said he liked Asian girls. They would probably say the same thing about me. A response that I am half Chinese will come from my friends but there is no point, I am seen as white, for good or bad.

But that word... "light" as in not serious. Or not heavy emotionally.

Plenty of pieces on the Chinatown Blog are "light" I suppose. Usually it is the light ones that get the most hits.

The heavy ones... to tell the truth I haven't really written a heavy one, I always back off.

I'm listening to the Cantonese Opera You tube videos about the blind dude as I write this.. "Fuk Sum la!!! Hei Sum La!!"

Now that's heavy.

Haven't written anything like that. And when I do mention stuff like that I tend to be withdrawn or get academic.

I just remember that though... I wanted to write about my father, and they were cool with the gambling house story and all that but then it's like, "But remember we want the pieces to be light."

I think that's when I started writing for Kye Liang's blog.

And it's part of why I wanted to invite people to write on this one.

Pieces are good when their funny. But you can write about some heavy stuff in comedy. In fact, most modern comedians talk some pretty heavy stuff.

I guess I want my stuff to be accessible. But it would be nice to see some raw emotions in posts. It's usually not going to come from me though. You need high school kids for that sort of heart pumping passion.

No any Asian Magazine or Newspaper or whatever, free or heavy or light... is pretty interesting to an Asian kid.. no matter who writes it. They are gonna read it if it is free.

That's why when someone says, "Oh I know people aren't just lining up to read the next Local Chinatown Newspaper, I say that's not necessarily true. Because if you are in a waiting room or something you will read that and appreciate that it is about the local community. Shoot I read other communities local newspaper too if I am stuck somewhere with nothing to do. And I have seen white people (who DON'T read Chinese just to clarify) page through a Chinese Newspaper and even those Taishan Village magazines just to take a look at the pictures.

Why not?

You learn more from paging through tat then that "light" piece everyone is complaining about, and that's with a language barrier.

I'd like to get the blog into the hands of all the Asian clubs in high schools and universities. I was thinking that printing out magazines or books with the articles would do that... but that is killing a lot of trees too. Not to mention cost.

And the thing about a blog is, you can be more open. These kids can write in more easily or become contributors.

I feel like our blog is "Light" in the right way. The articles are short, honestly my kids could read it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't SAY something.

But I welcome anyone who wants to write some seriously heavy stuff too.  And so do the readers.