A True Call to Action. A challenge, to make "My Life In China" an American tradition during the Lunar New Year.

I went to the screening of Kenneth Eng's "My Life in China" at the Northeastern. Now in the old days movies were hard to come by, and so part of the "good old days" is that you projected your whole family history and feeling onto a certain movie or song. Even before movies you had folk songs. You know the Irish are really good at this by the way. Being really loud and pushy about their heritage being passed down. My Uncle Francis would say, "If you look at it we actually aren't that Irish. We're mostly Polish" (except he totally said Polack), "and a bunch of other stuff but the Irish were just the loudest."

Part of Kenneth Eng's documentary is to share some of the history that often gets silence. YES! this is so important. But more than that.. he made a freaking high quality movie out of it.

When I said, "Now I don;t have to make one" I know that's lazy because obviously my story is different than his... but look it took him 8 years! There was blood sweat and tears put into this project and I feel like now is the time to promote the hell out of it. It's been on PBS and it's on many a late airline flight.

 A former CCBA president was in the audience (I recognized him because my first lion dance on stilts at the August Moon festival when I was 14, he was president then, and obviously that was an important moment in my life where I sort of shifted toward Chinese-ness and actually learned Taishanese, a language that is not my own.

Anyway, he brought up the fact that through a new organization he is reviving (which I will cover once I get all the details, that Fox news (you know because of Jesse Watters and all)  in New York is having a meeting with Chinese Community leaders and that he is going to suggest that they be required to watch My Life In China before the meeting. Because if you don't understand the immigrant experience... you can't really come to the table to work something out.

Yes! I want to be like AMEN! because I might have written a piece that was sort of like, "Why be so offended?' but the reason why I feel that way is because whining is pointless. Using your fists is not only dangerous, but ultimately counter productive. Even protesting, though I know many people don't want to hear this, is a bit of a show. But I bet you I am more activist than the whole lot of whiners on Facebook. So not to belittle your anger...

But I am calling you out, straight up challenging you right now. Those who were so angry at Jesse Watters and at racist comments against Chinese that belittle immigrants....  put all that energy into going onto Kenneth Eng's site and buying the movie for $20.00

And not only that.

Bring that movie into every classroom of your child or your nephew or whatever, and have that movie shown. Chinese New Year is a good excuse. How can they say no? What would be wrong with them to say no? Don't freaking stay home from school on Chinese New Year.

Look it's lazy.

Shove our story down their throat to make them understand! It's so easy! The hard part is done. The movie has been made. It took Kenneth Eng 8 years and painful inward reflection sharing such a personal story.

Earlier I didn't have any call to action to protest Fox or anything like that right?

Because that was somewhat pointless.

This is NOT pointless.

This is the type of POSITIVE action that can truly make a difference.

And anyone can play their part.

Play the movie every year as a holiday thing, and make it so even Non Chinese families will put it on during the Chinese New Year.

What's that cost? What's $20? The price of a meal? Skip a meal. And when you watch the movie you will understand that skipping a meal, one meal, is nothing.


wanderlust said…
I watched this last year as part of BAAFF. Totally worth the ticket money. We need more of these movies in our community.