Ponding- Send in your pictures of holes in the Sidewalk.

So one of the things we have been doing at the Chinatown Blog is taking pictures of holes in sidewalk in Chinatown. I had a picture I wanted to share, but I can't find it... and it's ugly so whatever. But this is actually going to become an issue as the weather gets colder and water collects and puddles... and then freezes, making the sidewalks slippery. We are doing this in conjunction with AACA's clean up Chinatown committee.

The goal is to let the City know so that they can come down and fix the problem before water starts freezing.

So come to think of it if you sen me a picture of a hole in the sidewalk and an address

a) you can just send it to 311 yourself.

But you can also post it in the comments or e-mail it to me and I will pass that along to Mary Chin who will pass it along to the city. But again. 311 totally works too and is probably easier.

Speaking of 311. USE IT! because the more 311 complaints the city gets about a pot hole or heroin needles or whatever, the more it will take notice. They get a lot of complaints from other neighborhoods like Bay Village. And stuff gets done because the complain often. Oh yeah... and they all vote.

So complain and vote. It does matter. It does work. Just not in the way you probably think its supposed to.