The 1CAC Vision

Imagine a new chapter in Chinatown, where artists can have a space to express themselves in a cutting edge way. Artists with ties to the Asian community, and Asian artists overseas, and all types of artists. Imagine plays, performances, classes, and a social outlet that is centered around the arts and sciences, and I say sciences because with all the scientists in Boston, it would be a shame not to have a program where they could present their ideas and educate Chinatown's youth. But imagine an organization that provided this outlet, made money from the art world for Chinatown, and the art could talk about the things that go on in Chinatown... and yet it isn't cheapened. Chinatown has for a long time, since the 70's been that valve where the drugs and prostitution happen. In the past there was a a lot of gambling. There is still some, but it isn't the same.

What if all the energy focused on those things, was pushed into the arts. The stress of life, work, gang, pain sickness death, birth, happiness, joy, love and heartbreak and all the horrible and beautiful things of life that had to remain behind closed doors pushed into the photograph or on the canvass or on the live stage, and displayed for the world.

 The traditional culture and the modern.

 The old generation and the new.

Through 1CAC Chinatown could be on the verge of a cultural Renaissance.

Or it could be declining to nothingness.

But with the right ideas and collaboration, Chinatown could do more than just hold on. Through art it could be reborn and a stronger more beautiful thing that looks to the future while honoring the past.

But to get 1CAC done, there will have to be money.

On November 6, BCNC's Birthday 1CAC will kick off a fundraising challenge.  And it's success we will kind of determine not only the future of the site, but the future of Chinatown itself. More to come on this in future posts.