Chinatown Christmas Tree Lighting 1:45 by Eldo's Cake House and Asian Garden

Boston Chinatown Blog gets ready to cover the event!

Boston Chinatown Blog correspondent Adriana Li is covering the tree lighting and will have posts coming soon. Being there made me think of the last time I was there, over 5 years ago. Wong's Family Association and Woo Ching White Crane were doing lion dance for the festivities. I thought it was a great idea... Gilbert Ho's vision was to add that Chinatown flavor to the visiting Santa Claus. A lot of the Mandarin-speaking Chinese families waiting in line were more awestruck by Santa Claus and some of my friends just weren't feeling the mixing of traditions and two Holidays. When I was a kid, Chinese children were afraid of Santa Claus. How times have changed.

For me, being mixed, I was all over it. After all Christmas is now huge in China, with fat white guys from New Hampshire and with real beards raking it in in for a two week vacation in Shenzhen hotels (or so I have read).

And I feel like Mainstream America would totally be down for tacking on the Lunar New Year and the magic of Dragons and Lions and Kei Luns onto the end of the Christmas and Western New year Holiday. We just need some holiday specials where the Lions save Santa Claus or something like that.

Well the Mayor and Santa should be pulling up to Chinatown in their magical trolley right now. Let's see what Adriana Li  brings us from her view on the ground.