Ken Liu's "The Paper Menagerie and other Stories."

I just started reading this book by Ken Liu. I love it. I feel like the universe placed it in front of me to read. It's Science Fiction stuff that sometimes takes place in the past, whether it is fox demon robots in China and Hong Kong, the 288 incident in Taiwan, to a detective story in Boston's Chinatown. I mean this was the stuff I was writing about in me books... except it's in the mainstream!

 I can't believe it!

But also, a lot of Asian American fiction I read has a chip on it's shoulder. This deals with a lot of issues, political and otherwise, but it also deals with stuff like Facebook and Google without mentioning real company names. The characters often happen to be Asian, and it's not that it doesn't matter that they are as the story often deals with this... but it's not obsessive compulsive about it.

One of the stories made me laugh out loud because the detective, Judith Law, speaking about why she had her Private Eye office in Chinatown, says, "You can't beat the rent." I guess maybe compared to the financial district. Or maybe the story was written sometime ago even though it is about the future. It's kind of like how Ghosts in the Shell takes place in a futuristic Hong Kong, but depicts slums and an airport that no longer exist.

But Ken Liu must be from Boston or have some sort of Boston connection. Which means somehow we need to get an interview with him for this blog for sure.