Trumps Taiwan Connection

Asking a few friends from Taiwan about their thoughts about Trumps phone call with Tsai Ing-wen, I found out that first of all, the responses are varied on the streets of Taiwan, probably as much as in the U.S. And that the most reasonable response was similar, that Trumps phone call must have been some sort of blunder, a mistake. Even if it was calculated it was a mistake, and the result can only mean more sanctions from the PRC. However, there was some response that even if it was a mistake... at least someone got under the PRC's skin.

Now a lot of analysts (not in Taiwan but in the U.S.) are saying that maybe it wasn't a mistake at all. Trump has Henry Kissinger on board, so even if Trump supposedly doesn't know what he is doing, Kissinger certainly does. And that the phone call was planned, two weeks in advanced, and that perhaps it was simply a way to test China's reaction. After all, Trump is not actually the president of the United States right now. He is President elect, but until he is sworn in, he is just another citizen. So he can get away with all sorts of stuff right now. So if you are going to test or see a bet and raise now is the time to do it. When you can always fall back on the excuse that "Oh I'm just an idiot and I'm not even president." It keeps China on their toes doesn't it?

But if that is the case then Trump is totally using Taiwan like a gambling chip. Something that can be risked. Something that can be thrown away.... or is he?

Truth is, just like Trump promised, he is being unpredictable. And it is difficult to figure out if he is being a fool, or an evil genius, or a combination of both. Or perhaps he is just following orders from the Republican Party after all. If we think back to Bush's presidency he visited Taiwan and did not visit Beijing and had all these snubs against the PRC. It's Republican protocol. Trump hasn't really snubbed China. They can interpret talking to Taiwan as a snub but actually think that through and even China can't actually be mad about that. They just have to issue some sort of response to show that they still care, sort of. 

China's reaction was honestly the typical culturally Chinese reaction of trying to save face as far as I'm concerned. 

I swear to god you will see all these same reactions in the microcosm of a small neighborhood. But anyway, I guess now the analysis I am looking for is from Chinese Americans who are heavily involved with the KMT and what they think about the whole issue.